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Our future rests in the hands of our young people. Many of today’s youth know what’s right; but feel pressure from the world to do what’s wrong. Often, this leads to an internal conflict where faith exists but the will and tenacity to apply the “works” must be strengthened. Allow me to assist you in developing tomorrow’s true leaders, not followers. My programs allow teens and young adults to pursue and grasp leadership in every aspect of their lives through the discovery of purpose, potential and power. Contact me today to begin our journey.

  • Youth Who Are Unashamed In Their Faith

    A steadfast, confident attitude towards their faith is vital to the survival of today’s young Christians. My signature workshops arm young people with the spiritual sense of self they’ll need to display in the face of the world’s challenges.

  • Reconciliation of Faith With Purpose

    Growing up in today’s society with all of its many influences can make it tough to decide on the right career path. My speeches and workshops allow young adults to realize that it IS possible to pursue your dreams while pursuing God.

  • Ability to Resist Social Pressure

    Sometimes, it’s much easier to go along with the crowd. But doing what is right, doesn’t always mean doing what’s easy. Partner with me for an inspiring, strengthening talk that reinforces our young people’s minds and spirits against the various forms of temptation and peer pressure that they struggle with daily.


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