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Children and young adults without healthy levels of self-esteem are at a higher risk of becoming unproductive members of society. Someone who doesn’t believe they are smart enough to pass a math test, for example, might exhibit a self-defeating behavior and simply choose to avoid preparing for the test. I supplement an educator’s academic tools to increase classroom engagement and close any achievement gaps. Contact me today to get the discussion started on how we can jumpstart your students’ performance.

  • Increased Classroom Engagement

    Students who are fully engaged in a lesson invariably understand the material being taught far better than those who aren’t. Combine one of my fun, lively speeches with your current curriculum for a creative edge that reaches all your kids, and not just some of them.

  • Higher Information Retention

    Paying attention leads to increased comprehension and marked retention. Get your kids’ attention and keep it when your learning strategies are partnered with my engagement techniques.

  • Better Test Scores

    Kids who are mentally present and participate well in class, are more likely to study harder and achieve better test scores. It all begins with a real connection, which I can help you build with your students.

  • Increased Self-Esteem

    Performing better in school produces the wonderful by-product of an increased self-esteem; which in turn, feeds the entire process of classroom engagement, participation, studying and good grades.

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